Winners of October – The Mystery of the Manor

The "Captain' Bobbie" team came first among all teams participating in the Mystery of the Manor championship this October! Congratulations to the "Captain' Bobbie" team who will receive a surprise gift from Mystery Escape! Congratulations also to the "Les Mignons" and "Les Savoyards et Alsacienne" teams who came second and third respectively of our game!

Mystery Escape: The Largest Live Escape Game in France and in Europe

The first French designer of Live Escape Games in France holds its positon as European leader thanks to its tailor-made and skillfully crafted enigmas created by Axel Rosiefsky and Gilles Cormerais. As masters of the game, they have proven their legitimacy in the field of Live Escape Games. Mystery Escape reinvents the spirit of "team-building" […]